Best Carpet Cleaning Solution Against Flea Infestation

Flea infestation is very common in many households. Obviously, if you allow your pets inside your home, and they have a flea problem it will most likely transmit into parts of your home. Carpeting and throw rugs tend to be a very common place for fleas to infest. One of the reasons for this is speculated by some to be because, carpet and throw rugs resemble animal fur. Regardless if this is true or not, when the fleas show of in a house, you want to take immediate steps to eradicate them.

In many cases, the first indication of a flea problem is when one of the household members gets bitten. When a flea bites a human or animal it injects saliva right into the skin resulting in uncomfortable itching and rash.

Fleas are so very small that they are hard to locate. As mentioned above we know that fleas like to live in carpeted and dark areas. Many times you will locate the flea eggs before seen without fleas. Furthermore, you may locate a dark dirt like substance that fleas leave behind. To determine if the dark dirt like substance is from fleas simply spray water on the substance, and if it turns reddish in color, you know that this is directly from fleas.

At this point, you need to start the eradication of the problem. When you are dealing with individual rugs, it is recommended that you vacuum very heavily both sides of the rug. Then complete the eradication by washing the rug in hot water In the case of household carpeting a very thorough vacuuming should take place then commercial carpet cleaners should be called in to finish the eradication.

The hot power steam cleaning accompanied with special chemical is the preferred method. Once you have eliminated the flea infestation you can exercise maintenance by adding your carpets cleaned regularly. And obviously making sure that your pets are well treated for fleas and ticks. Along with regular carpet cleaning, you can sprinkle fine granulated salt over your carpets and throw rugs. This maintenance trick will kill the adult fleas. Another product that can be used for this outcome is DE or “diatomaceous earth” which can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Always be sure to wear protective eye covering and gloves when dealing with any eradication products.